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FX-942 Automated Solder Inspection

Dual-Sided Plated Through-Hole Optical Solder Joint Inspection Solution

Features and Benefits

  • Automated inspection of through-hole and SMT component presence, absence, position and polarity plus solder defects
  • Dual-sided imaging with one vertical and four optional cameras per side with full travel imaging sensing
  • High-speed inspection and transfer rate with high defect coverage and low false failures
  • Provides ideal solution to ensure optimum solder joint integrity including MES and Industry 4.0 compatibility
  • Can be paired with all Nordson SELECT Cerno® and Integra® in-line selective soldering systems or can be used in standalone mode


Overview. Nordson YESTECH’s advanced multiple color camera imaging technology offers high-speed inspection with exceptional defect coverage. With dual-sided, top-down and bottom-up viewing cameras, the FX-942 inspects solder joints and verifies correct part assembly enabling users to improve quality and enhance yields. Programming the FX-942 is fast and intuitive with operators typically taking less than 30 minutes to create a complete inspection program including solder joint inspection. The FX-942 is highly effective for selective soldering, post wave soldering, SMT and connector inspection. 


Integrated Solution. The FX-942 Automated Solder Inspection system can be paired with all Nordson SELECT Cerno® and Integra® in-line selective soldering models ensuring optimum solder joint integrity for your selective soldering process. Nordson SELECT’s closed-loop process controls enable successful results for a full range of soldering applications and ensures stable and repeatable results for high-yield production.


Experience. With over a decade of selective soldering experience and more than a thousand systems currently in production, Nordson SELECT is committed to providing innovative solutions for all selective soldering needs. Our global support network, including state-of-the-art application development labs, provides customers with world class know-how and application expertise.