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Integra 508.5

The Integra® 508.5 is a multi-station selective soldering system designed for high-volume applications with maximum throughput. Due to its modular design, the Integra®两人做人爱完整版视频 508.5 can be matched to the requirements of various high-volume applications.

Available in four variants, the Integra®两人做人爱完整版视频 508.5 features concurrent fluxing, preheating and soldering and can be configured with two or three in-line soldering stations for maximum output.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-stage operation with combined flux and preheat plus selective soldering stations for concurrent fluxing, preheating and soldering
  • Variants available with two or three soldering stations for high-volume, high-performance selective soldering
  • Choice of single or dual drop-jet fluxers and solder pots for either simultaneous parallel or independent double processing modes
  • Parallel processing significantly increases machine throughput while double processing broadens soldering flexibility
  • 2segment configuration can solder two boards in-line with two segmented conveyors without boards being panelized or requiring tooling
  • The Integra® 508.5 is CE compliant as standard


Customers can choose between three  different variants of the Integra® 508.5 to meet a broad range of selective soldering requirements.

Integra® 508.5 2S configuration

 The Integra® 508.5S configuration with single fluxer and solder pot provides single board processing.

Integra® 508.5PD 3S configuration

The Integra® 508.5PD configuration with dual drop-jet fluxers and dual solder pots allows for using two solder nozzles in the same soldering station or processing two boards in a panel simultaneously. The Integra® 508.5PD is capable of processing up to 8 boards at one time. Parallelprocessing enables fluxing and soldering of two printed circuit boards at the same time doubling machine productivity. 

Integra® 508.5PD 3Seg – three soldering stations, parallel or double

The Integra®两人做人爱完整版视频 508.5PD 2seg configuration with dual fluxers and solder pots can solder two singulated boards in a parallel mode in-line with the two segmented conveyors. This allows sequential soldering of two printed circuit boards at the same time without the need for the boards to be in a panel, to be palletized or to require tooling.


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