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Selective Soldering Workshops

Selective soldering technology is playing an increasingly critical role in the assembly and reliability of solder interconnections within mixed-technology printed circuit board assemblies.  These workshops are conducted by independent industry experts and are based on real-world consulting experience with selective soldering processes procedures and techniques.  Best practices in selective soldering together with potential solutions for improving manufacturing yields and reliability will be discussed in detail.

Who Should Attend
Process Engineers
Manufacturing Engineers
Production Technicians
两人做人爱完整版视频Quality Personnel

Introductory Selective Soldering Workshop
This 2-day workshop features both classroom and hands-on curriculum that significantly accelerates the learning curve for those new to selective soldering or for those attendees who wish to advance their in-depth knowledge.

The classroom session focuses on the technical aspects of the selective soldering process and describes the soldering process variables serving as guidance to enhance the flexibility, reliability and quality provided by selective soldering equipment. 

What You Will Learn
How to improve your selective soldering effectiveness
Procedures for reducing no-clean flux residues
How to minimize selective soldering defects
Advanced process troubleshooting techniques
How to reduce post-solder rework and increase manufacturing yields

Advanced Selective Soldering Workshop
This 2-day workshop focuses on providing a detailed understanding of printed circuit board construction including copper layers, barrel plating and porosity. The interaction between the PCB and the selective soldering process and heat flow characteristics within thermally challenging multi-layer boards will be defined.

Hands-on lab projects are used to reinforce the classroom theory. Attendees will learn soldering concepts and program selective soldering equipment to build demonstration assemblies.

What You Will Learn
An enriched understanding of how printed circuit boards are constructed
How some PCB manufacturing characteristics can affect the soldering process
Enhanced programming techniques
How to reduce selective soldering defects
Advanced process troubleshooting techniques