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Microdrop Flux Dispenser

Reduces Flux Consumption and Minimizes Flux Residues

Features and Benefits

- Ultra-precise on-demand drop-jet application of flux to specific locations without overspray

- Ideal for micro flux deposition of flux to small solder sites with unparalleled accuracy and minimal flux consumption

- Provides true no-clean processing since flux is mitigated by solder nozzle without flux residue or ionic contamination

- Compact design allows for easy servicing providing a maintenance-free production environment with minimal machine downtime

- Available on Novo® 300, 300SD, 460, Cerno® 300S, 508.1, Integra® 508.2, 508.3, 508.4 and 508.5 models

Overview.  The highly-adaptable MicroDrop drop-jet fluxer can precisely deposit flux both at individual points on a printed circuit board as well as  entire lines in sequence. All flux applications can be adapted and customized to the  requirements of each printed circuit board  assembly. Our integrated MicroDrop fluxers drastically reduce flux consumption and minimize flux residue contamination, eliminating the need  for post-soldering cleaning of printed circuit  board assemblies.

    Single flux drops or continuous pattern fluxing

Integrated Solution. The MicroDrop Drop-Jet Flux Dispenser fully integrates with closed-loop process controls contained in Nordson SELECT’s PhotoScan software providing seamless operation for your selective soldering process.  Nordson SELECT’s closed-loop process controls enable successful results for a full range of soldering applications and ensures stable and repeatable results for high-yield production.


Experience. With over a decade of selective soldering experience and more than a thousand systems currently in production, Nordson SELECT is committed to providing innovative solutions for all selective soldering needs.  两人做人爱完整版视频Our global support network, including state-of-the-art application development labs, provides customers with world-class know-how and application expertise


Compatible Flux Chemistries

- Alcohol-based fluxes

- No-clean fluxes

Application Note

The Nordson SELECT MicroDrop Drop-Jet Flux Dispenser is recommended for no-clean processing when printed circuit boards will not be cleaned after selective soldering.


Compatible with Novo® 300, 300SD, 460, Cerno® 300S, 508.1, Integra® 508.2, 508.3, 508.4 and 508.5 models